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Web archive of the site for Nightpass Handmade Records

1" button showing the Eiffel Tower in pink on a black background, with a the words "The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower" in yellow. Also features a yellow zig-zag at the spire of the Tower, where it appears to be broken.

Sound recording by Miles D. Gullingsrud. CD-R with 21 tracks: Oh, Maria My Body Woke Up Expired I Need More Time Butterfly In the Mourning A.D.B.C. Light Run From Me The Day I Tried to Live I Need A Mind The Fear The Thing I Need to Leave When You…

1" button with yellow image of the Eiffel Tower on a black background, with top of the Tower's spire broken off

Sound recording by Clonehero. CD-R in plastic slimline case, with glossy printed two-sided insert. contains 7 tracks: the stayed fallen gently morning song rumple fader kellie's ghost

1" button with the words "THE VINYL HOURS mon. 7-9 88.3 fm Dj Tina Bold"

Web archive of the site for the band Kiss Kill You.

Flier for music event. It reads: Beauty Pill from Washington DC on Dischord Monday June 9th with Kiss Kill You and Piano Drag Rob's Vintique 6510 Magnolia Ave. Riverside

A Peal Of Bells.png
Sound recording by The Aum Rifle. Professionally pressed cd in jewel case with glossy insert. Includes 14 tracks: Wilt A Slight Return Joseph Tyler Wrinkled Old Bastard Kitchen Why Don't You Come Inside? My Wife Sings A Sleep Beyond Death/Against The…

dark moon water.png
Sound recording by The Aum Rifle. CD-R in slipcase with watercolor insert. Includes 5 tracks: [untitled] [untilted] [untitled] [untitled] [untitled]
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