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Sound recording by The Aum Rifle. CD-R in cardstock cover with edges sealed using duct tape and "AU" stamped on front. Includes 11 tracks: Prayer To Dust I Sycophant Lovers Prayer To Dust II 3 Days Death Valley Prayer To Dust III Bethlehem INTERIM:…

Name tag with stickers from various bands, events, and publications, both local to Riverside and not. These are: Front: - Ladytron - Respect Drum & Bass, Los Angeles - clonehero - Sigur Ros Back: - Giant Robot zine monkey logo (without Giant…

Flier for Ryan P. Randall's "Hydrogen Jukebox" radio show. Text is in dark orange over a black and white 1960s or 1970s photo of a young woman wearing large "Realistic PRO-1" headphones. It reads: hydrogen jukebox kucr 88.3 mon 3-5 indie rock *…

Contains poems by Alaska Wheelan

1" button for Digress Magazine showing a central image of a woman's face wearing goggles and the words "Digress Magazine" curving around the edge of the button.

This is an image of a concert flier. It reads: free concert in riverside may 3rd to benefit food not bombs and digress magazine bands performing: clonehero - first stem cell research dogs of ire kiss kill you circuit scarecrow slave to freedom squab…

1" button for Saturation Festival in 2004. White background with green lettering.

1" button for KUCR 88.3 FM. Light grey text on black background. It reads: KUCR 88.3 FM

Sound recording by Kiss Kill You. Contains 5 tracks: Edith Keeler must die. Dubcek Quieres? Compra! On Monday she cheated End Poverty in California Numbered 57 of an unlimited series. Photocopied cardstock outer sleeve. Photocopied paper inner sleeve…

Sound recording by Kiss Kill You. Contains 5 tracks: Their Nightmares are our Dreams Le Nouveau Monde End Poverty In California The Rout of Catfish Cole's Bedsheet Brigade on October 5, 1957 Cowboy is the New Pirate Numbered 275 of unlimited…
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