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Sound recording by Miles D. Gullingsrud. CD-R with 21 tracks: Oh, Maria My Body Woke Up Expired I Need More Time Butterfly In the Mourning A.D.B.C. Light Run From Me The Day I Tried to Live I Need A Mind The Fear The Thing I Need to Leave When You…

Sound recording by Clonehero. CD-R in plastic slimline case, with glossy printed two-sided insert. contains 7 tracks: the stayed fallen gently morning song rumple fader kellie's ghost

A Peal Of Bells.png
Sound recording by The Aum Rifle. Professionally pressed cd in jewel case with glossy insert. Includes 14 tracks: Wilt A Slight Return Joseph Tyler Wrinkled Old Bastard Kitchen Why Don't You Come Inside? My Wife Sings A Sleep Beyond Death/Against The…

dark moon water.png
Sound recording by The Aum Rifle. CD-R in slipcase with watercolor insert. Includes 5 tracks: [untitled] [untilted] [untitled] [untitled] [untitled]

Dust & White Sky.png
Sound recording by The Aum Rifle. CD-R in cardstock cover with edges sealed using duct tape and "AU" stamped on front. Includes 11 tracks: Prayer To Dust I Sycophant Lovers Prayer To Dust II 3 Days Death Valley Prayer To Dust III Bethlehem INTERIM:…

Sound recording by Kiss Kill You. Contains 5 tracks: Edith Keeler must die. Dubcek Quieres? Compra! On Monday she cheated End Poverty in California Numbered 57 of an unlimited series. Photocopied cardstock outer sleeve. Photocopied paper inner sleeve…

Sound recording by Kiss Kill You. Contains 5 tracks: Their Nightmares are our Dreams Le Nouveau Monde End Poverty In California The Rout of Catfish Cole's Bedsheet Brigade on October 5, 1957 Cowboy is the New Pirate Numbered 275 of unlimited…
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